Healy Group Europe

About Us

Healy Group Europe is actively involved in the global distribution of a broad range of (specialty) chemicals

Healy Group Europe
Our company holds a strong background and vast experience all the way since the early 80’s.
We are therefore proud to represent a number of suppliers with whom we have built strong and highly valued relationships during the past decades.
Additionally our local partnerships in chemical distribution all go back to more than 20 years ago and strongly contribute to the current position Healy Group Europe takes in those markets nowadays.

As all of our customers have their own specific needs and demands we have full focus on reaching individual clients’ solutions by fulfilling customized product-requirements in the right place and at the right time.

Member of the Indis Group
Healy Group Europe proudly represents the Netherlands in the International “Indis Group”.
The Indis Group is a global group of more than 18 distributors in the chemical industry in more than 18 different countries.
We benefit from combined forces and opportunities to provide unrivaled global solutions for our customers in their respective markets.
We also offer an impressive range of products and services, while maintaining an unrivaled level of flexibility and professional service. Given our broad global reach, we are ready to respond to the needs of our customers and suppliers, both in the large and small markets.

Have a look ; http://www.indisgroup.com/index.php